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Universal's Casino and The Scorpion King coming to HD DVD

Matt Burns

Another day, another HD DVD release. Up this time from Universal is the Vegas classic of Casino and another desert flick starting The Rock, The Scorpion King. We know Casino is coming out in 2.35:1 1080p video and will retail for $29.99 but the only little tid-bit of info we have for The Scorpion King is that it will be a HD DVD/DVD combo disc. The combo probably means The Scorpion King will sell for close to $35-$40 bucks but gives you the option of buying now and utilizing later, along with using in the main (and probably only) HD DVD player along with all the standard DVD players in house and car. Both flicks should drop on December 19th and being the relationship experts we are, the wife would surely enjoy a cult classic gangster flick in her stocking this year.

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