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Woz business card sells for $560 on eBay


Woz's sharp, laser-cut metal business card may have already become more famous than Woz himself. How else can you explain one of his cards (signed, of course) going for $560 on eBay? The auction wasn't even for charity! Although the seller, Jon Bauer, who plays on Woz's Segway Polo team, did promise to take Woz and the team to lunch with the loot. Bauer claims the auction was just a test to see just how much someone would pay. Shortly after the listing went up, the Woz himself offered to sign the card before it was shipped. Richard in Iowa, aka "rharms2003," was the lucky winner and will be the recipient of the business card, a signed copy of Woz's book, and a personalized video message as seen above.

The only thing that bothers me about all this is that so far, the only thing the money is being put towards is lunch for a bunch of people who can surely afford their own meals. Hopefully once his fifteen minutes of fame have passed Bauer will offer up the cash for something more significant, like one of Woz's pet charities.

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