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Belkin announces TuneStage II and TuneCast 3

Evan Blass

Consumer electronics are a lot like movies: once you've got a hot property on your hands, you gotta keep cranking out the sequels. Accessories manufacturer Belkin is well aware of this truism, and has just updated two of its popular products -- the TuneStage and TuneCast -- to versions II and 3, respectively (yeah, we're not sure what's up with the sporadic use of Roman numerals either). As you probably recall, the original TuneStage was a $180 Bluetooth setup consisting of an iPod-mounted transmitter and corresponding base station with audio outs; basically, it's like a short-range wireless dock for pumping your tunes to a home theater system, although the transmitter will also work with A2DP-compliant headphones. The TuneStage II steps up the game by sporting Bluetooth 2.0-certified radios, which promise to give you better audio quality, less interference, and lower power consumption -- all for less dough than v1.0, as this model will be priced at $150 when it's released next month. Next up, and much less exciting, is the $50 TuneCast III FM transmitter, which does the same thing as every other device in this category but throws in a digital display and a pair of hard-button presets. Like the new TuneStage, this model will also be dropping in November, just in time for our friends over in the UK to actually make use of it legally.

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