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Breakfast Topic: Are You Bored?

David Nelson

While I am not personally bored with WoW, a lot of my friends are incredibly bored and are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the expansion. In fact, more than half of my Warcraft playing buddies have stopped playing entirely until the Burning Crusade launches. While I enjoy the raiding aspect of the game, and the social aspects, I can see some of their points.

I hear the complaints of the bad PvP honor system, the large raiding time commitment and the unappealing reputation grinds again and again. Now while I certainly hope that the Burning Crusade will solve these problems (and from previews I have seen, it will), I just wonder if that will be enough to get all my friends hooked again. Tobold touched on this in one of his recent blog posts, and he wonders if BC will be enough to keep everyone entertained and happy while we wait for Blizzard to slowly churn out another expansion. I mean, in about a month or two after release the hardcore raiding guilds will have started raiding, the PvPers will be endlessly PvPing to gain tokens for gear, and the casuals will catch up a few months later only to find that a 25 man raid is as big a time sink as a 40 man raid. Then what?

Another expansion down the pipe? Is Blizzard going to make the content patches a little more assessable to everybody, meaning some raid content, some 5-mans and some new quest hubs? What do you guys think? Will the WoW burnout that some people are feeling be cured by the BC, or is it a temporary solution?

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