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Dell intros 37-inch W3707C and 32-inch W3207C LCD HDTVs

Peter Rojas

Dell introduced two new LCD HDTVs today, the 37-inch W3707C (pictured above) and the 32-inch W3207C. Both are decently, if not aggressively, priced (it's $1,699 for the 37-incher and $1,199 for the 32-incher) and feature built-in over-the-air ATSC tuners. The W3207C is listed as having a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, integrated 30-watt speakers, a 1200:1 contrast ratio, and an 8ms response time, and while the press release Dell sent out doesn't specify a resolution or contrast ratio for the W3707C (though if we had to guess, we'd say they're the same as on the W3207C), they do mention that it has dual HDMI ports and detachable 30-watt speakers. Click on for a pic of the W3207C, as well as a live shot of the W3707C we snapped at a press event.

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