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Universal remotist finds fault with PS3, console lacks IR port


Opposable Thumbs highlights a little publicized PlayStation 3 detail that could bug universal remote users hoping to incorporate the console's Blu-ray player into their tidy home theatre setups: PS3 lacks an IR port.

It's a small gripe at best, but one wonders why Sony made the curious decision to deviate from the infrared standard (the remote uses Bluetooth). Or maybe it's obvious: save money (albeit pennies) by cutting the IR port out of manufacturing costs, plus earn money by forcing consumers to buy the only PS3-compatible remote, yours. Then again, maybe this is simply Sony's bold attempt to phase out infrared; maybe it's part of the "next-gen begins when we say so" act. After all, third-party remotes will come, including a device that supports both infrared and Bluetooth (aka the "true-universal" remote). Now there's an idea ...

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