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Wild Hare to bring Alten8's games to U.S., Europe

Chris Powell

Publisher Wild Hare Entertainment has joined forces with developer Alten8 to bring their upcoming PSP to the U.S. and Europe.

"With reciprocal content publishing and distribution between our like-minded companies, we can create a strong alliance for a cross-Atlantic partnership, which opens new doors not only for us, but for the developers, which up until now have had no access to mainstream publishing and distribution in Europe or North America," said Paul Andrews, CEO of Alten8 Limited.

You may have heard of Alten8 before. They're the developer who earlier this year caught flack for their mobile phone title, Office Massacre. In order to appease their critics, the developer changed the name to Office Zombies and reworked the plot, as well.

Hopefully in this new venture, the company can stay out of the critic's targets and focus on bringing great games to the PSP.

[Via DCEmu]

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