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Altec Lansing's M602: "made for iPod" and, uh, Zune


While iPod speaker docks are a dime a dozen, third-party Zune docks are still mysterious little vixens with only the HiFi-esque Octavio as yet semi-revealed. Now this from Altec Lansing which is touted as one of them "designed for Zune" accessories, but looks exactly like their "Made for iPod" M602 only in a color scheme designed to swaddle the Zune in earthiness. Well, at least now we know what they meant by a "universal MP3 cradle." So go ahead, ogle this one for a bit, no need to feel ashamed... or jaded. Still, smart move on Altec Lansing's part dontchathink?

[Via Zune Insider, Thanks lt.milo]

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