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Breakfast Topic: Best and Worst Looking Race

David Nelson

Now when I say best looking race, I don't entirely mean just which race has the hottest women or the most studly of men (Dwarf on both counts), but also which one looks the best in their armor, which one looks like it has the most butt kicking potential, etc. And of course, which one looks the worst. Hunched over male trolls with no shoes? Not so hot.

Now for me personally, I just don't find the Night Elf women that attractive. They have a cute enough face, and they are very athletic and look pretty decent in their armor. However, there is one thing that creeps me out about the Night Elf woman...their freakishly large hands. Ever see the Seinfeld episode with the woman who was otherwise beautiful but had huge man hands? I think she had a little Night Elf in her.

Now as for the best looking race, I am going with Orcs. Why? I don't think any class looks coolers in their armor than Orc warriors look in their plate. The female Orcs have a butt kicking look about them as well, as opposed to the human women who look like they just got home from the Gap and are heading to a sorority social. All in all I think the Orcs look flat-out awesome. Well, awesome except for the Orc in a dress look the warlocks have to deal with.

So what do you guys think? Who has the best looking men and women? The ugliest? Who looks the best all around and who looks the worst?

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