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Flying mounts are going to require some farming

David Nelson

One of our beloved readers sent in a tip (thanks Kyle!) that the beta forums are now open! Good news.

He also sent us a link to a post in the beta forums stating that training to ride the fastest flying mount will cost 5000 gold. Not so good news.

I hope that...

A. Blizzard is making gold a lot easier to get via trade skills or quests in the Burning Crusade.

B. This is only a placeholder price and that in the final version the price for the flying mount training will be cheaper.

C. This post is completely wrong.

A price of 5000 gold simply encourages more and more gold farming, bots and other undesirable side effects of the secondary gold market. I get that Blizzard wants to make flying mounts a status symbol, but just slapping a high gold value on it doesn't make it so. I guess I was hoping Blizzard would make the process to train for these much-anticipated mounts a little more creative and rewarding rather than what essentially boils down to a gold farming exercise.

And even with all this complaining, regardless of the price, I am still looking forward to my flying mount. What do you guys think? Too pricey?

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