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Huckleberry iSight periscope

Dan Lurie

The inclusion of iSight cameras in Apple portables starting with the MacBook Pro was an exciting prospect for many users; just think about how useful it would be to have the ability to video conference wherever you had your notebook without having to lug around extra gear! But the secondary use of the built in iSight to take quick candid shots of one's environment is becoming more and more popular. The only issue with this is the requirement that you flip your MacBook around to take the picture; something which is decidedly less than elegant.

Fortunately for people who practice this secondary use-case often, Charlie Dancey and Mungai Mirrors will release the Huckleberry mirror system at the upcoming Mac Expo London later this month. Although sexy and probably pretty high build quality, the $28 price tag for a piece of glass and some plastic might cause more mechanically inclined prospective buyers to make their own. I'm sure it won't be long before someone posts an Instructable on how to make your own (if you do, send it in as a tip and we'll post it).

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