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Look at your workout data without using the Nike Plus website

Scott McNulty

Matt is a big fan of the Nike + iPod kit, as it would seem more people who use it are. He does have on problem with it, though. There is not an easy way to share your running data with others. Sure, the Nike Plus website graphs your progress, and you can compete with other runners, but you can't link to your progress from an outside source, or even display that info on your blog.

Knowing that Apple has a fondness for storing data in XML, Matt went poking around his iPod and found that all the workout infomation is stored in iPod/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer/Workouts/Empeds/{Sensor ID}, where the Sensor ID is unique. Keep in mind that this folder is hidden, so if you just mount your iPod as a harddisc you won't see it, but yu can get to it using the Terminal. Matt even went so far as to whip up a widget that gets the info from the XML file and posts it to a temporary file on his webserver.

[via Not Myself]

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