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More BC talent updates


Yes, yes -- there were talent updates just yesterday. And today there are more. A lot more. There are large changes for druids (which, as a druid wannabe, made my jaw drop) as well as a number of paladin changes and one warrior tweak. And Nethaera still says to check back soon for more updates. All these talent changes really do suggest things aren't yet set in stone. (And that I need to finish leveling that druid of mine.) There are too many changes to list here, so click ahead and read on for the full details.


Feral Combat

  • Feral Instinct - Reduced to 3 ranks, 5/10/15%.
  • Thick Hide - Reduced to 3 ranks, 4/7/10%.
  • Nurturing Instinct - Reduced to 2 ranks, 50/100%.
  • Survival of the Fittest - Reduced to 3 ranks, same 1/2/3% improvements.
  • (NEW) Focused Starlight - "Increases the critical strike chance of your Wrath and Starfire spells by 2/4%."
  • Improved Thorns - Renamed "Brambles", now increases damage from Entangling Roots as well.
  • Omen of Clarity - Swapped with Insect Swarm, prerequisite from Natural Weapons removed.
  • Improved Wrath - Renamed "Starlight Wrath", reduces cast time of Wrath and Starfire by .1/.2/.3/.4/.5 sec.
  • Improved Starfire - Reduced to 3 ranks, no longer reduces cast time of Starfire, just has the 5/10/15% stun chance.
  • Natural Shapeshifter - Moved to Restoration tree, where Improved Enrage was.
  • Improved Healing Touch - Renamed "Naturalist", in addition to the cast time reduction of Healing Touch it also increases all physical damage by 2/4/6/8/10%. Essentially, we folded Natural Weapons into it.
  • Natural Weapons - Removed.
  • Improved Enrage - Removed.
  • Reflection - Renamed "Intensity", mana regen in combat as it did in addition to causing Enrage ability to instantly generate 4/7/10 rage.
  • Natural Perfection - Changed to "Your critical strike chance with all spells is increased by 1/2/3% and melee and ranged critical strikes against you cause 4/7/10% less damage."

  • Divine Purpose - Now 3 ranks for 4/7/10%.
  • Sanctified Crusader - Moved to one column to the left of Repentance. Now 3 ranks for increase of 1/2/3%.
  • (NEW) Crusader Strike - "An instant strike that causes weapon damage plus 40% of your Holy spell damage and refreshes all Judgements on the target."
  • Redoubt - "Successful melee..." changed to "Damaging melee..."
  • Reckoning - Changed to: "Gives you a 2/4/6/8/10% chance after being hit by any damaging attack that the next 4 weapon swings within 8 sec will generate an additional attack."
  • Blessed Life - Now 3 ranks for 4/7/10% chance.


  • Weapon Mastery - Increased disarm resistance to 50/100%.

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