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No NDA for the closed beta

David Nelson

Not being a veteran of betas, as I have the worst luck in the world, I have no idea how standard this is, but I thought it was interesting to note that according to Drysc there will be no non-disclosure agreement in place for the Burning Crusade closed beta. For those of you unfamiliar with the ins and outs of an NDA, this info means that unlike in the alpha, when the testers were limited in what they could reveal about the expansion, folks lucky enough to be in the beta will be free to reveal whatever they please.

Once everyone gets their client installed and the beta is in full swing, we should be seeing information flowing at a pretty good clip. I am really looking forward to hearing all about the new stuff, and totally pretending not to be jealous that I didn't get a beta pass. As always, if you are in the closed beta and come across something interesting, don't be shy!

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