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Panasonic's Blu-ray player shipping real soon - hopefully

Matt Burns

A quick Froogle/Amazon query pulls something we knew was coming, but just never thought we would see the day. About what you ask? Why just another Blu-ray set-top player. The Samsung one has been out since June but the Sony, Panasonic, and Pioneer players are long over due although it seems the Panasonic BMP-BD10 might just be available. There is one retailer on Amazon selling it, Markertek (where we got most of the hardware for our DIY component cables) has it shipping on 10/17, and Crutchfield lists it, but shows the $1299 Blu-ray player out of stock. Hopefully we will see this player in the wild by the end of next week and then maybe the Blu-ray ball will finally get rolling.

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