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Sony's SXRD 1080p Pearl reviewed

Matt Burns

The official Sony Pearl announcement came just a few weeks ago but that didn't stop the mad men over at Home Theater Blog from getting their hands on one. Keep in mind that what makes this pearl so special is that it is the very first 1080p projector to hit the streets under $5 grand and then there is the whole thing about being built off of the same technology that made its big brother, the Ruby, award winning: Sony's SXRD panels. The review is filled with comments about pixel density this, pixel size that but over all the 1080p Sony projector wins over the reviewers with the basics - colors, contrast, and brightness. High resolution may be all the rage these days, but it has nothing on the importance's of these three specs and thankfully, the Pearl does well with 'em all. We won't spoil all the deets found in the review but lets just say, it went well but the $4999 price tag did weigh in to the positive recommendation.

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