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Wiltshire inventor perfects egg boiling sans water

Darren Murph

Sure, you might have a microwave that automatically analyzes your food and cooks it to perfection without any culinary knowledge whatsoever, but boiling an egg is an art form mastered by few. Simon Rhymes, however, has put his curiosity to work by crafting the Bulbed Egg Maker (BEM), which boils an egg without a single drop of water or hint of kitchen prowess. Apparently our pals across the pond take this egg cooking ordeal quite seriously, as the Bournemouth University student one upped the inked shell solution already available by utilizing excess heat from "high-powered halogen bulbs." His contraption stands 12-inches tall, and four halogen lights surrounding the delectable oval transfer just enough heat to "perfectly boil" an egg in exactly six minutes. Of course, it took 600 trial runs and an awful lot of trash bags to finally ace the challenge, but now Rhymes is scouting investors to push his product to market. So if we've got any famished VCs in attendance, maybe you can give Simon a hand in realizing his ultimate dream of making "BEMs as popular as toasters" (or MacBooks).

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