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Breakfast Topic: Your Dream Gear

Mike Schramm

Ocelot Eyes in the WoW ladies LJ group has a dream-- and it is to dual wield Thekal and Arlokk's Grasps, two uber looking fist weapons that drop from the bosses in ZG. There's the gear we're all working towards right now on quests or drops-- and then there's the dream gear we all want.

Sure, we'd all love to be walking around in Tier 3 (and for my little Gnome warrior, that's exactly what I would love to see him in), but for each one of us, there's probably some gear that just fits with what we want our characters to be. For my Shaman, it's the Tier 0 shoulders, the Pauldrons of Elements. Yeah, it'd be nice to have the Tier 1 shoulders (my guild is working through MC, and it's likely that I'll get them before long, to go with a few other Earthfury pieces I've already picked up), but the Elements, with those little hooky things, just seem like the perfect shoulders for my Shaman. Just seeing those on other characters was one of the reasons I rolled Shaman, and so even if I get better stuff, I just have to have them.

Likewise, on my Priest I'm already determined to jump the hoops for Benediction / Anathema-- it's a tough (and long) quest, but that's just so the right weapon for my Priest, especially since I plan to keep her shadow specced. And I sent my rogue on many, many more runs through Deadmines than I needed to, just because I wanted to have the Defias Leather set early on.

So spit it out-- what's your dream gear? What's that one piece or that one set of armor that you just have to have?

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