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.DS_Store files begone

Scott McNulty

Judging by the reaction to my MS Remote Desktop Client post, it is safe to assume I am not the only Mac user working in a Windows dominated office (nor am I the only one who takes care of lots of Windows machines). Therefore, extrapolating a little bit, I think I can safely say that folks who read this blog connect to Windows machines over the network for file-sharing.

If you connect to a Windows file server (or any other file server) with OS X something is happening that you might not be aware of. OS X creates a .DS_Store file for each folder that you look at. This file contains preferences for the way those files and folders should be viewed. They are hidden away on OS X, so you never see them, however, if you connect to that Windows share with a Windows machine (after the Mac has connected) those darn files show up everywhere.

Apple details how to stop OS X 10.4 from creating this files on remote servers, but warns that unforeseen consequences might be encountered.

[via Paul Stamatiou]

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