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Follow-up on the iFrogz Tadpole iPod case for kids


iFrogz finally has the Tadpole page and pics up and now that I see it it's even cooler than I'd expected! I'm impressed by the design and the intent and as an added bonus the Tadpole comes with the "Screenz" protective film for the front so the screen and clickwheel are covered as well. Screenz include your choice of stock or custom decals that tattoo the click-wheel, allowing you to to personalize the Tadpole any way you see fit with your own images.

You can pre-order the Tadpole now for $20 ($5 off the regular price) and it's expected to ship on Nov 1. Unfortunately for my darling niece it currently comes in only orange and purple... not a pink Tadpole in sight :(

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