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GOW Photoshop contest


Richard -- still love that name -- over at Aeropause is hosting a Gears of War contest. The winner, naturally, will get a copy of Gears of War and plenty of swag to boot. Second place gets a GOW faceplate and swag, and third place just gets plain old swag. All you have to do is send in a GOW image that has been cleverly Photoshopped in some way. All winners will get their entry featured on Aeropause as well. Head over to Aeropause for all the details. We're not hosting the contest, but we'd love to see what you come up with anyway. Link your entry in the comments and maybe we'll feature it here.

Now if we could just convince some companies to send 360 Fanboy some swag, maybe we could give stuff away. Any takers? Capcom, Epic, Microsoft? Anybody?

[Thanks, Dan]

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