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Lost Planet Collector's Edition is weak


1UP reports that there is a Lost Planet Collector's Edition on the way. I'll give you a minute to let the shock subside. And there we go. Sure, the news of a special edition isn't all that exciting. It's what's inside the case that's a little unsettling. There are two extras in the undoubtedly slick metal case. The first is an art manual, which is always cool. It's the second bit that's disturbing. The other item is a token for a free downloadable map. That's it.

This raises some questions. Assuming that the map will be available when the game ships, why not just include it on the disc? How much does the map cost for those who don't get the special edition? Think about it. If you're spending US $69.99 on a special edition, is a free map really a deal? If you can live without the art book, wouldn't it actually be cheaper to pick up the regular edition and pay the 2-5 dollars for the map? Unless special edition owners get early access to the map -- or the map is exorbitantly priced -- it just doesn't make much sense. Any thoughts?

[Via Evil Avatar]

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