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Nokia to offer integrated Orb MyCasting service


Nokia looks set to be the first to offer integrated Orb MyCasting service on its phones, announcing that its N80 "Internet Edition" handset will ship with the media sharing service pre-loaded this November. Orb itself has, of course, been available for some time now, letting you remotely access media stored on your home PC from your cellphone or other mobile device, as well as control DVR functions on your computer and playback stored content. Orb's also only the latest bit of software to be announced for inclusion on the "Internet Edition" variation of the Nokia's N80 handset, with tools for Flickr and Amazon, as well as Yahoo Go For Mobile, an enhanced Nokia web browser, and SIP-compliant VoIP already filling up the internal memory. Like some of those other services, you'll most definitely want an unlimited data plan if you intend on doing any more than a test drive with Orb, 'cause those kilobytes are gonna add up fast once they start flying.

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