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Paris Expo attendance down, but UK MacExpo promises large Apple booth


The Apple Expo in Paris this year saw a drop in attendance from about 56,000 attendees last year down to 46,000. The downward trend from the 2000 Expo, which saw 80,000 attendees is even more dramatic. Even with the drop, however, the Paris Apple Expo still boasts higher numbers than recent Macworld Expos in San Francisco, which hosted less than 40,000 attendees in January 2006. The Paris decline was blamed on Apple's failure to give a keynote speech this year, amongst other things.

Both Paris and San Francisco still topple London's MacExpo, which attracts an average of 25,000 visitors a year, hopefully including this year where MacExpo kicks off in two weeks. The show will benefit from a confirmed larger Apple booth than last year as well as a major announcement during the Quark Keynote presentation.

If any of you will be attending the MacExpo, don't forget to send us your reports and links to your pics!

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