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Wii tops PC World's holiday list


Check it out -- the Wii is once again tops on a retail predictions list. Since PC World is a European retailer, it may not be much of a surprise that they've anointed Nintendo in the console wars for this holiday season (as there's no PS3 in store), but they've also picked the console as the hottest must-have when it comes to electronics.The Wii took the top spot of their ten predictions for the hottest movers and shakers of the season. Unlike many other lists, however, the Wii is nowhere near the most expensive item on this wishlist. Check after the jump for the full rundown.

PC World was one of the early outlets to offer preorders for the Wii in the UK ... looks like they've taken off!

1. Nintendo Wii, available from December 8th for £179.99

2. Phillips LX1000 PC, available now for £999.99

3. Momento Photo Frame, available in November for £299.99

4. Belkin Tunecast II FM Stereo Transmitter, available now for £29.99

5. Pink Advent 7105p Laptop, available from October 6th for £499.99

6. Logik Internet Radio, available now for £99.99

7. Packard Bell Smart TV, available now for £1,899

8. iPod and iPod Nano, Available now for £99

9. TomTom 910 GPS, available now for £499

10. HP Photosmart A717, available mid-October for £199.99

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