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New Gryphon Mirage amp brings ultra-hifi to the "people"


While we must question the sanity of a manufacturer that bills their 16,900 Euro (21,188 US) amplifier as "more accessible and more flexible than ever before," we really can't argue with the end results. Gryphon's new Mirage Control Amplifier is being targeted at the custom home installation market, which is apparently fairly "consumer" for Gryphon's taste, and if they manage to pull this off without sullying their precious "audiophile cred," it looks like they've got a winner here. The main innovation present here is a wireless control section that can be mounted to the preamp box (as pictured) or can float freely, with the boxy preamp stashed away out of sight. Gryphon also has developed dedicated software that can be purchased separately to integrate the unit with AMX or Creston home automation systems for a close approximation of multi-room audio. There's also that fancy "magic wand" remote, which doesn't quite look like the Harry Potter variety, but happens to be built out of solid aluminum just like all the rest of these components, so we're not complaining. We're not exactly sure when this thing is available, but it looks like if you've got the Euro you should be able to finagle one this month or so.

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