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WikiPod brings (some of) Wikipedia to your iPod


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Being the highly edumicated folks we are, we prefer to lug a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica in a cart wherever we go, but we suppose the proletariat might prefer something a bit more convenient. For them there's this new "WikiPod" script from Matt Swann that pulls down a wiki page, along with all of the pages it links to -- and all the pages they link to and so forth -- until it hits the maximum megabytes you specify, or bumps up against Apple's 1000 note limit for the iPod. Of course, if you've got an older iPod, you could always run Encyclopedia on iPod Linux, or you could just bust out your phone and utilize one of the numerous mobile Wiki solutions, but whatevs. We figure the perfect solution to all this would be a Linux-based Apple iPod phone, but we suppose that might be asking a lot.

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