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IGN says the PS3 controller is poopsky

Blake Snow

IGN UK had a play test with near-final PS3 hardware last Friday and despite commending certain aspects of the system hardware, the game site wasn't impressed with the Sixaxis controller. From the hands-on: "Personally, we can't help but feel that the SIXAXIS (as it's now known) has been sadly neglected when viewed alongside the rest of the PS3. Compared to Microsoft's uber-comfortable Xbox 360 pad, the SIXAXIS feels cheap, plasticky, uncomfortable and disconcertingly light - almost as if it's going to fly out of your hands during those more extreme gaming moments."

Team IGN was also critical of the newly-designed lower L and R shoulder triggers saying the buttons felt like they "belong on an early controller prototype" rather than the "near-final" model they played. With only 31 more days until PS3's American debut, don't expect a major controller redesign (if at all) in time for launch. If IGN UK was playing a dated Sixaxis, or if they tested localized European hardware that won't launch until 2007, fret not. Otherwise, Sony might have another problem on its launch hands.

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