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TiVo Series3 to 1TB hack


An intrepid modder named lightrunner with a long and housebound winter in his sights has posted his experience of expanding the capacity of his Series3 TiVo from the standard 250GB to a whole terabyte, which takes the S3's total recording capacity up to a possible 131 hours of HD recording, or a whopping 1244 hours -- 52 days! -- of standard definition television. Like a lot of other modifications, the process of getting the TiVo to accept the array of hard drives was a long and complicated one: if you want to emulate this effort, you better be comfortable dealing with a nekkid TiVo, a RAID 5 setup, and several user-unfriendly Linux and Mac disk utility applications. Despite the well deserved kudos that lightrunner gets from this job, we've still got to wonder where the guy is going to find the time to watch a working week of high definition TV re-runs.

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