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Behold the Gamerscore elite

Ross Miller

When you meet a player on Xbox Live with an insanely high Gamerscore (upwards of 40,000 or more), what is your first reaction? CVG picks the brains of the players with the some of highest Gamerscores to talk about their lives and obsessions with this little Xbox Live feature.

Of course, one of the biggest gripes from those interviewed was so-called Gamerscore boosting, where players artificially increase their points through rather devious means. Swapping game saves, playing the same game from different regions, and cash-for-points businesses are all discussed and lamented. Are these tactics ruining the innocent quest for the high score, or is this a silly quest anyways? Should we respect these XBL fanatics or should we worry about them?

[via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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