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Burning Crusade: Collector's Edition sold out?

Mike Schramm

Added to the page for preording the BC: CE:

"Availability: This item is currently not available.

The Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is sold out. Please visit our detail page for the regular edition."

A few outlets are also reporting that EB Games claims to be sold out as well. All this even before Blizzard announces an official release date? How exactly can you be "sold out" when it's likely we don't even know how many copies are going to be printed and released yet?

I'd say this was a ploy by these gaming retailers to sell more copies of the game, but they don't need to use a ploy-- this thing is going to sell like hotcakes in the middle of a syrup convention. Could the Collector's Edition be sold out even before one disc is printed? Especially shocking since we were originally told (by a third party, I realize) that there were going to be "plenty to go around." Drysc, however, says quantities will be "limited," and if you want one, to hurry. Way to drive people into a frenzy, Drysc.

Personally, I'll probably give my local stores a call tomorrow and call it quits if none of them are taking preorders. With all the expectation for this game, I don't see how Blizzard (or Vivendi, the group they belong to) wouldn't want to print about fifteen gajillion copies and sell them all. My guess (I'm not as sure about this one) is that these stores are creating demand by cutting off supply. Until we hear an official release date (and these retailers hear an official product quantity) from Blizzard, I'm guessing the CE will be back on sale soon. Then again, if you're not willing to take my word for it, better get on that phone...

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