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New Bleu-ray player poised to take France by storm

Evan Blass

Watch out, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, 'cause there's about to be a new Blu-ray player on the block gunning for market share, courtesy of consumer electronics powerhouse..."it's label"? Yeah, we'd never heard of this manufacturer before, either (although for all we know, it could be France's answer to Coby), but thanks to faithful reader Alex and his trusty scanner, we have incontrovertible proof that the company is set to release a pretty snazzy-looking HD optical disc player sometime next month. According to Alex, the scanned image comes from a French TV / movie guide called TéléObs, and was found in the corner of their small tech section. So yeah, no specs or other details are available, but if you happen to be hanging out in Nice or something and can tear yourself away from your fruity drink, feel free to call the pre-order line and report back.

Update: It's a recorder too? The plot thickens...

Update 2: Mon Dieu! Thanks to Robert over at Dutch site gadgetzone, we now know that this mysterious Blu-ray player / recorder is actually a full-fledged HTPC, first presented at this year's IFA in black and under Amex branding. Powered by a 64-bit, 3.0GHz Pentium D 930, the Amex M505 features 2GB of DDR2 RAM, three-flavor WiFi, both analog and DVB-T tuners, HDMI out, 8.1 channel audio, and the coveted VIIV certification, all for a very reasonable $2,000. Also, if you want a little more info on portable DVD manufacturer extraordinaire it's label, make sure to check out the comments below, as several readers have filled in some of the many blanks regarding this company.

[Thanks, Alex D.]

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