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Nintendo and Toys "R" Us make a "Deal"


Toys "R" Us has a new promotional tie in with NBC's choose-it-or-lose-it game show Deal or No Deal. It seems there's a game piece offering the choice in recent store circulars. Choose "deal," get 10% any single item in store. Go for broke and choose "no deal," and you might have a chance at a Wii (second prize) or a DS Lite (fourth prize). The store is handing out 50,000 Nintendo systems as part of the promotion. That's a whole lotta systems right there.

Of course, the grand prize is a million bucks, but does that really stand up to some sweet Ninty merchandise? Then again ... that could buy a whole lot of games.

The catch with the super sweet "no deal" option is that you have to take the game piece into the store to get it scanned, and the winners won't be announced until November 24, so that's a bit of a wait if you're one of the lucky few. Still, if that's all it takes to pick up some free stuff, maybe that's a sign we need to go dig through the paper.

Didn't get one of the ads? Never fear -- you can mail in a request for a gamepiece. Check after the jump for the address.

Missed your chance at a gamepiece? Send these guys a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

"Deal or No Deal NP"
c/o Little & King Co., LLC
31 Merrick Ave., Suite 150
Merrick, NY 11566

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