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PSP v3.0 firmware released in beta? On a UMD?

Cyrus Farivar

Sony may have 99 problems, but the PSP ain't one. Amidst the rumors afoot of the new PSP v3.0 firmware hitting the 'net, PSPFanboy has called out this sketch photograph of what purports to be a letter from Sony and a UMD, and further, commenters in the MaxConsole forums mostly seem to agree with this debunking as well. Both cite the fact that Sony is unlikely to beta test firmware and further why they'd release them on a UMD instead of just a download. (Why? How's about because they don't want the file getting traded around the internet's seamy underbelly.) Nevertheless, this "v3.0" purports to have support GIF, MOV, WMV and FLV files, and would finally allow for PSOne emulation, all of which sounds about right. Still, we're hoping Sony will likely make that PSOne emulation available sooner than later, given that the homebrew community has already beat 'em to it.

[Via PSPFanboy]

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