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Rumor: Apple iPhone to come in two models, one with Wi-Fi

David Chartier

Another day, another analyst claiming to have obtained über-exclusive details on the much-rumored iPhone. This time around it's Prudential Equities, and they claim Apple has not one, but two iPhones planned for an early 2007 release (gee, when could that be). One will be a smart phone with keyboard, video and (duh) music capabilities, while the other will be a straight-up iTunes phone. Oh, and 'one' will have Wi-Fi - though PE leaves us hanging in suspense as to which model could sport such a sought-after mobile phone feature.

I call foul here, primarily because I'm willing to bet information about the iPhone is under lock and key, and leaks are punishable most likely by being drawn & quartered (not to mention that any two-bit analyst can claim anything they want these days - hooray for the Dvorak method). However, one good point I can agree with from this IBS article is that Apple is being very cautious with this product, because mobile phones aren't iPods or personal computers, and there are a lot of new factors and features Apple needs to learn how to juggle in a device like this (let's not forget the most battery-hungry of them all: Wi-Fi). That being the case, I don't think Apple is going to offer multiple models - this is too new a market for them, and these devices are complicated enough without them trying to take on the very heated smart phone industry - for now.

Ultimately, we'll see whether Prudential Equities is bluffing soon enough - January 8th is fast approaching.

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