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Sony: Blu-Ray on PS3 has "nothing to do with movies"

Blake Snow

Eurogamer recently spoke with Sony president Phil Harrison about the PS3's controversial Blu-Ray adoption. While responding to criticisms of the storage technology being used primarily to push Sony's movie format war, Harrison defended: "It's got nothing to do with movies ... we need Blu-Ray to supply the kind of data that PS3 games use." Nothing to do with movies? We were under the impression your employer spearheaded the technology's acceptance? C'mon, Phil. Can't you budge just a little?

He steadfastly continues: "Already, at our launch titles, we're getting up close to the 25GB limit that we have on our Blu-Ray discs this year ... Not every game is going to fill 25 or 50GB. I completely accept that - but there will be games that require that this year, and will push that further in years to come."

That'll teach those skeptics! In related news, Xbox 360 and Wii developers have secretly been envious of Blu-Ray's added movie, I mean, game storage capacity. In case you didn't know, there has been an outcry by developers for years demanding more disc storage for games. It's reaching epidemic levels and is a big problem.

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