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Sony shipping silver PS2 to the States October 24th?


Sure, most Sony fanboys these days are probably saving all their pennies for one of those shiny PS3s just around the corner, but if they can't quite swing enough hundies to grab a next gen unit along with enough games to keep them occupied, they can always settle for this "limited edition" silver PS2, which looks to be quite shiny in its own right. GameStop has been listing the $130 unit for pre-order for a while now, but now we've got word from a Target employee that confirms the price and date (October 24th) and reveals the quantity of the limited edition run: 500,000. While we'd hardly call that a limited edition with a new console on the way and current-gen sales waning, it's good to have this silver edition finally in the States after eyeing those Japanese units jealously for a year and a half. It'll also go well with that silver PSP we spotted last month, though hopefully we won't have to wait quite as long for that one to get here.

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