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Sony's Geometry Wars (and other e-Distributed titles) leaked

While Sony is poised to break their media silence this Thursday at their "Gamer's Day" event in San Francisco (we'll be on hand, eagerly awaiting something), that didn't stop some of their secrets from sneaking their ways onto the web.

A tipster clued us into a survey to gauge future interest in downloadable games on a certain unnamed gaming console featuring motion sensitive controllers (hrmmm) as well as "HD and surround sound" (well, that narrows it down). They describe Blast Factor (pictured above) as "an up-to-date version of Asteroids or Geometry Wars." We'll gloss over that Geometry Wars not up-to-date jab, and concentrate on what it offers: 1080p, motion control support, online rankings, and a potential $5 price point (one of their surveyed price points, and the equivalent of GW's 400 MS points). A quick look at the screens will reinforce the title's close relationship to Xbox Live Arcade's super-hit, Geometry Wars.

But that wasn't it. In addition to our tipster's images, a PS3 Forums member posted an extensive list of screenshots and images of several upcoming e-Distribution titles including: Blast Factor, flOw, Go Sudoku, Lemmings 2, and Swizzleblocks. Games without images or info include: Gripshift, Crash Carnage Ciaos, and Wheel of Fortune. Our tipster also managed to get an image of one additional game, titled Criminal Crackdown, with a tentative price of $14.99. We'll probably know a whole lot more about these titles come Thursday. That wasn't so hard, was it Sony?

Additional images and text from our tipster after the break. Note, PS3 Forums is getting hammered, so check out a (not quite up-to-date) mirror at NeoGAF.

[Thanks, Cabrill and Meh]

This small, fully playable game is a fast-paced arcade game in which you control a nano-machine destroying microbiological viruses. It is like an up-to-date version of "Asteroids" or "Geometry Wars."


  • HD and surround sound
  • 100 levels
  • "Motion sensing" controller technology (tilt the controller side to side to interact with the game)
This game can be purchased online via your gaming console's online store and would be approximately 1/3 the length of a full game you would purchase at retail.

The listed prices are:
  • Blast Factor - $4.99
  • Criminal Crackdown - $14.99
  • Classic Game (Street Fighter II pictured?!) - $3.99
  • Bundle of 3 Puzzle Games - $15.99
  • Puzzle Game - Free
[Update: This is just an instruction screen and the prices fluctuate to determine the level of interest at various price points. These are not supposed to be the final prices of the games!]

A pair of Criminal Crackdown screenshots

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