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Top Gamerscores spill their guts


CVG -- a site that manages to cover both computer and video games -- has a really neat article about Gamerscore. More specifically, it's about people who have insanely high Gamerscores. The pros talk about what it takes to have a high score, as well as what it means for your social life. Another covered topic -- one that is becoming quite an issue -- is Gamerscore boosting. All of the top players play with each other to boost Gamerscore. Most of this is innocent, friends helping friends. There are others, however, that use somewhat nefarious methods to get high Gamerscores. Migrating game saves, playing the same game from different regions (a process called doubling), buying Gamerscore from other people, some will stop at nothing. How do you recognize a cheat? Look for achievements that are out of order. For example, having "100 kills" unlocked before "50 kills."

There are some enlightening quotes from top players, like this one,

"The people at the top really don't have more skill than other players - they have more time, more dedication - and often no social life. In fact, as we move forward - maybe you should worry about people with high scores more than you admire them."

It's an interesting (and lengthy) read to be sure. The perfect article for a day without Live.

[Via PlayNoEvil]

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