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Viva Piata featured in WSJ (wha?)


Nintendo may have created the first generation of (pocket) monster controlled mindslaves, but Microsoft is hoping to snare the next generation with piñatas. And it looks like they just might hit the big time. That's right, Viva Piñata has been featured in the money-grubbingest of all publications, the Wall Street Journal. A subscription is required to read the article, and we certainly don't make WSJ caliber money around here. Lucky for us, the fine folks of Gamerscoreblog have picked out a tasty snippet,

"And in the New York showroom of Playmates Toys Inc. on Wednesday, 70 or so tradable Viva Piñata figurines and a hand-held electronic game -- made by Playmates -- will be unveiled. The toys offer more avenues for marketing partnerships that would connect Viva Piñata with kids when they step away from their TVs and are designed to link the components of a piñata universe that has been carefully concocted to boost the videogame."

It just drips with the trappings of a master plan, doesn't it? Any of you planning on picking up Viva Piñata for the kids? For yourselves?

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