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Asus leaks four new laptops, with a little help from Lamborghini


Asus is reportedly set to release a bundle of new laptops in the not too distant future, with pics (but not many specs) of four new models cropping up on NotebookReview's forums. Two of the new units are pretty squarely aimed at gamers -- the G1P (seen above) and the G2P (check it after the break) -- each featuring color-coding on the most abused keys (W,A,S, and D) and an ominous glowing button beneath the touchpad (we don't know what it is, but we're compelled to press it). Most of the specs are just speculation at this point, though it appears that the G1P packs a 15.4-inch screen, with the the G2P upping that to a full 17 inches. Both will supposedly come with stylish matching backpacks and Logitech gaming mice, 'cause those travel mice we saw yesterday just won't cut it. Also on the radar is the ultra-portable and ultra-shiny S7Fm, with an 11-inch display and built-in webcam, as well as the Lamborghini-emblazoned Vx1 "Golden Edition," which actually has some concrete specs but only teases us with pics (also after the break). This model comes loaded with a T7400 2.16GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and Nvidia 7400VX graphics with 128MB VRAM, not to mention a 15.1-inch SXGA display with a special "crystal level hardness LCD cover." Unfortunately, there's no indication from Asus as to when any of these will actually be released, though the retail manager kindly supplying the pics speculates that the Lamborghini model will come first -- sometime before Thanksgiving -- with the others likely to follow in the Spring of next year.

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