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Back of the Wii box sparks speculation

Kevin Kelly

The good people at Wiixors snagged some decent shots of the back of the Wii box at an EB Games and, besides making us want one of our very own, it has caused a few rumors to pop up -- namely, what is the Wii Startup Disc?

The rumors seem to be split into several camps: One says it's nothing more than the Wii Sports disc; others say it's an OS disc; other still say it's the Wii Opera browser, some sort of tutorial, or something far more insidious ... like a firmware update. It's a mystery.

If it's just the Wii Sports disc, why wouldn't the box say that? There's already a huge notice on the front of the box proclaiming the Wii Sports disc to be inside, so what else could it be? What do you want it to be?

[Via GoNintendo]

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