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Cingular and Symbian hook up for dev program

Chris Ziegler

Europe's favorite smartphone platform mixed in with a little American GSM love: strange bedfellows, or a match made in heaven? We'll all find out in the coming months, now that Cingular has partnered up with Symbian by joining its "Platinum Partner" program, giving it access to Symbian's tech team, pre-release materials, joint marketing, and (woohoo!) use of the Symbian Partner logo. More importantly, though, Cingular's development partners will now be offered "Symbian Affiliate" status and will have a variety of development materials available directly on Cingular's devCentral site, hopefully calling the relatively quiet American S60 dev scene to action. Of course, none of this stuff means much of anything to us without a beefed-up S60 lineup from Cingular, but with the E62 in the wild and the N75 waiting in the wings, things might just be looking up for Symbian fans this side of the Atlantic.

[Via Geekzone]

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