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Coming to a college campus near you: Jack Thompson

Kevin Kelly

Nothing gets kids fired up like a good old fashioned debate about violence in video games between ... Jack Thompson and Bob Guccione Jr. We're all for intelligent discussion, but Bob Guccione Jr. is representing our side? The guy publishes Spin and Discover magazines, hardly qualifiers for video game advocacy. Plus the guy used to date Ann Coulter, so it doesn't seem like he's going to be someone you want in your corner during a head-to-head against Thompson.

Like Uwe Boll, Thompson is a bad rash on the gaming industry that won't be going away overnight, and unfortunately it doesn't seem like Guccione Jr. is going to be much of a match against him. Did they purposely book someone who is going to lob softballs to Thompson so he can come off the hero? It would be better if we could have an opponent actually from the game industry sounding off against him. At this point we'd settle for Reggie Fils-Aime or even CliffyB.

The first debate will be at the California University of Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, on January 30th, so you should rush and get tickets before this baby sells out.

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