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Klimeo thermo-regulating fabric


It's not often we see the latest in nanotech coming out of French fashion houses, but Avelana and Roudière have gone and thrown expectations for a loop, announcing the Klimeo thermo-regulating fabric. Supposedly, the nano-enhanced fabric will automatically adjust to suit your environs, keeping you warm when its chilly and cool when the temperature rises. Just as importantly, it also won't cramp your style, seamlessly blending into a variety of different fabrics suitable for everyday wear. The magic ingredient is, of course, nanotechnology -- specifically, microcapsules grafted onto the fabric that change from a solid state when it's cold to a liquid state when it's warm. We somehow doubt that'll be enough to keep us nice and toasty in nothing but jeans and a tee come February, but that won't stop us from trying.

[Via Gizmag]

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