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Samsung unveils NX-10 ultra slim PC


Samsung's taken advantage of this week's Korea Electronics Show (otherwise known as KES) to show off its NX-10 ultra slim PC, which should fit nicely into just about any living room -- just not ours, since the chances of this reaching our shores anytime soon are about as slim as its form factor. (Yes, we know you want to say it a little too much like a Wii -- no comment.) Measuring a scant 2.2-inches across the front, the Windows XP MCE-based box comes equipped either an AMD Sempron or Turion64 X2 processor in its white incarnation, along with a 200 to 400GB hard drive, nVidia C51MV integrated graphics, a "super multi" combo optical drive, and a 6-in1 memory card reader. Judging from AVING's pics, it looks like the black version gives you some Core 2 Duo action in place of the AMD processors (we knew those stickers were good for something), though you can probably expect the rest of the specs to remain roughly in line.

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