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Treo 750v threaded SMS / MMS app hacked for all

Ryan Block, @ryan

If you're anything like us, you've been waiting for a threaded SMS / MMS app to relieve our mobile Outlook view on messaging with Windows Mobile. Well, some dear sweet blessed soul has answered the call. Hacked directly out of a Treo 750v, which featured Palm's WinMo take on their long-lauded threaded SMS feature, now you too can have IM-like text convos with your pals with a minimum of hacking. Merely install the app, make two quick registry edits and restart your phone. (If you're down with MMS you may have to reconfigure your MMS servers.) It worked like a charm when we tested to see if it was the real deal, though we understand it doesn't work with VGA displays (i.e. the Universal.) We're definitely not vouching for the legality of this one, however.

[Thanks, anonymous hero]

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