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Trippy Space Giraffe video is "giraffetastic!" [update 1]

Ross Miller

Let's be honest, Jeff Minter's Space Giraffe is nothing more than an updated Tempest 2000 (also Minter's creation), itself a remake of 1981's Tempest. The upcoming XBLA rail shooter brings to mind Geometry Wars and Rez in a big way, and this work-in-progress video includes licensed music and intentional Engrish. There isn't much about Space Giraffe that is original or innovative ... but still it looks like insane fun.

Let none of that stop you from enjoying some ultra-trippy video, set to the tune of Aphex Twin (Warning: NSFW). The YouTube video is pretty shoddy in quality, so we recommend going to Xboxyde for a slightly crisper experience.

"Congraturation! You success! A winner is you! But our giraffe is in another castle!"

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

[Update 1: So, as it turns out, Richard David James has yet to multiply himself through meiosis or any other similar process. Ooopsies, singularity has won.]

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