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UTStarcom serves "Slice" to Virgin Mobile

Chris Ziegler

Though it's known simply as the PCS-1400 to UTStarcom, Virgin Mobile has a history of christening its phones with creative names, and the trend continues here: enter the "Slice." The phone looks a bit like UTStarcom's previously seen UT1200 for GSM networks but rocks CDMA instead (obviously), bringing 10mm-thick slimphone goodness to prepaid users on the cheap -- just $50. Specs are pretty much what you might expect for a $50 phone, with a single-band 1900MHz radio, 128 x 128 display, 32MB of internal storage, and a speakerphone, but no camera or Bluetooth to be found. No word on an official availability date for the Slice, but it looks like Circuit City will be happy to sell you one as we speak.

[Thanks, Gusto and Jeremy]

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