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Amp'd Mobile to offer special edition RAZR


It may not be quite the do-anything-to-get-one gadget it once was (becoming a Monopoly piece has got to be some form of jumping the shark), but the Motorola RAZR still carries its fair share of cachet. At least Amp'd Mobile hopes so, with the MVNO recently officially announcing a special edition of the ubiquitous slimline handset (as speculated) in hopes of attracting more customers. The handset itself remains the same on the inside, of course -- the only changes being the proprietary Amp'd Live interface and a fresh coat of Amp'd signature pearl gray finish. For a limited time, however, customers will get a premium audio entertainment pack to go along with it, consisting of an in-ear headset, universal adapters to connect the RAZR to various other devices, and a 256MB microSD to make better use of the phone's multimedia features. Getting one will cost you $99 with a contract, or $199 less a $100 instant rebate with a Pay-As-You-Go or Hybrid pricing plan.

[Via The Wireless Report]

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